Peace Centers History

Peace Centers is a nonprofit organization started in 2015, as Montessori Peace Centers, by James Bauckman and Angelique Burrell. For 6 years MPC provided high-quality, affordable Montessori and Nature education and care for young children regardless of income. Now, renamed Peace Centers, we are currently focusing on providing workshops and support for parents and professional development for teachers. We also offer consulting for school administration and support for licensing. Lastly, we provide opportunities for the community to come together and find a deeper meaning to life through various gatherings of creative expression.

Angelique Burrell

Angelique Burrell

Executive Director / Parent and Teacher Trainer


 Human development and the evolution of society has always been a passion of mine. I earned an undergraduate teaching degree in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Education, and an AMI Montessori Certification. I am an advanced STARS trainer, and have completed trainings in Ayurveda, children’s yoga and mindfulness. I also have many years experience with nature immersion and Kundalini yoga. I am a mother to two grown children and have been teaching children, parents and teachers for over 20 years. 

I have spent the last couple years practicing deep inner work which has brought me to an incredible place of awareness, connection and peace. The time is now for a major shift in the way we are living to reach a higher level of existence. In order for us to do this we need to incorporate intentional practices into our everyday lives, and guide the new generation to another level of consciousness. My current focus is on providing evidence-based practices and creating intentional environments that will support the needs of children, allow them to follow their natural tendencies and interests, and provide them with the tools to live with connection and awareness. This will naturally decrease negative behaviors and bring them a sense of joy and peace into their lives, classrooms and homes. My ultimate goal is world of acceptance and peace.

I enjoy cats, hiking, music shows, dancing, cooking, yoga, meditation, studying spirituality and neuroscience, and making connections with all you beautiful souls out there.

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